Enjoying Bison
Check out the the many ways to cook and enjoy Bison meat. From the farm to your dinner table.
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Learn about where to buy bison, ideas on how to cook with bison, and the many benefits of bison!


Learn about the Bison Farming industry all across Canada and the many benefits of joining the CBA!

News & Events

It's #BisonHumpDay - Tips and tricks to cooking Bison

Feb 21, 2018
Steak – a traditional favourite for North Americans. Who can resist the wonderful smells of weekend BBQs wafting through the air. But today’s trend is towards health conscious food choices, and beef and pork with their high cholesterol content … View Article

A Chance To Eat Like Locals- Food Tours in Alberta

Feb 20, 2018
Our guests taste and discover why Alberta is emerging globally as as a “must-eat” food travel destination. Our province has seven signature foods: bison, beef, canola, Saskatoon berries, red fife wheat, honey and root vegetables. If you’r… View Article