Grilled Bison Top Sirloin with Porchini Mushroom sauce

  1. 1LBison Brown Stock
  2. 250 gshallots, finely diced brunoise
  3. 300g field mushrooms
  4. 100 g porchini mushrooms
  5. 150ml 35% cream
  6. 3 oz.butter
  7. .125gsaffron
  8. 500mlsweet white wine
  9. TTSalt and Ground Black Pepper
  • In a sauce pan on medium-high heat sauté the shallots until they are translucent
  • Add saffron and all the mushrooms (sliced 2mm thick)
  • Deglaze with white wine and reduce by 50%
  • Add the brown stock and reduce by 50%
  • Finish with heavy cream and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper
  • Puree in a food processor, strain through a fine sieve

Steak Marinade

5lbs.Bison Top Sirloin (10 x 8 oz. steaks)

90gdried porchini mushrooms (grind to a fine dust in a coffee grinder)

8FL oz. vegetable oil

2cloves garlic - puree

  • Mix the ingredients together and marinated the Bison Top sirloin steaks for 3 day
  • On a preheated BBQ/Grill on high place the marinated steaks and season with salt and pepper (both sides) while grilling.
  • Remove from the grill at rare (125’F).The residual heat from a high grill with have the Bison continue to cook until 132-135”F which will give you a perfect Bison Medium Rare

Serve with Porchini mushroom sauce

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