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Alberta Bison Ranch established in 1980 with its first Plains Bison starting many herds off with their first breeding stock with Thomas Von Meerheimb running the ranch and now his Grandson Neil Hochstein has been continuing to run the Plains Bison Breeding stock to a stronger than ever herd with bringing stock to every wild rose show and sale and now to CBA all of Alberta Bison Ranch stock is fed to breed on a 90 percent grass diet and 10 percent oat diet these Bison well prove their quality from the day you buy them to the day you retire them.



Bison Ridge Farms is owned and operated by Denver and Becky Johnson and is located near Prince Albert, SK on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. As we strive to regenerate our soil and the way we farm, adding bison seemed like the perfect fit. Integrating bison into our neighboring family grain farm of over 20 years has allowed us to grow our own quality feed, improve soil health, and utilize a diverse landscape. Our goal is to produce and raise quality Wood bison and we are very proud of the breeding stock that has been selected to make up our herd. Our bulls bring genetics from RJ Bison Ranch and Viking Bison. Check us out at, give us a call, or stop by if you’re in the area!


Copper Creek Ranch was founded by Scott and Sandy McAllister along with Vernon and Karen Kay in 1996. Today the operation has grown to include Brennan, Taigen & Sawyer McAllister, Brant McAllister, and Bryer and Dayna Kay. We currently are a cow/calf and finishing operation with 120 breeding cows. Our focus on the ranch is to raise quality healthy bison utilizing holistically regenerative agriculture practices. Our combined effort with the usage of cocktail cover crops, meticulously managed pasture rotations using electric fencing and proper genetic selection has led us to have a thriving soil and more natural ecosystem which in turn has led to outstandingly healthy bison. We have selected our bison based on the best genetics possible and our bloodlines include animals from Elk Valley Ranches, Bison Spirit Ranch, Irish Creek Bison and Manitou Springs Bison just to name a few. If you are ever in the Kitscoty/Lloydminster area please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to show you around the ranch! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and on Youtube where we post videos of life on the farm!



Instagram: @copper_creek_ranch



Cyndy and Monty Donally.

I started the herd in 1997 from HFR calf (Dad) Bill Bouffioux gave us in the fall. I have built this little herd (8) over the last 21 years. Of course, using the same XY herd bulls, I have managed to keep the best heifers back, buy a few, sell a few, and show a few. I enjoy the challenges that can arise at any given moment.

These bulls that are in the sale are from cows I sold in February 2020. They were Ivomected in April, 2020 then on grass all summer and brought back in September 2, 2020, Ivomected again then on hay and grain.

In my show history I have won 1 Grand Champion; 1 Gold Male; 1 Reserve Male; 2 Silver Males; 1 Bronze Male; 2 Reserve Open Females; 2 Gold Open Females; 1 Silver Female and 1 Bronze Female.


Irish Creek Bison was established in 1992 near Vermilion, Alberta and is now run by the second generation; Justin and Shaelyn Dorey. Our ranch offers breeding bulls and bred heifers annually from our cow calf operation and we finish all our own yearlings.

Our focus is to produce an easy fleshing animal, on mainly pasture, finished by 18 months of age. Our heifers are selected for gainability on grass, mothering soundness and overall confirmation.

Irish Creek Bison runs four separate breeding herds to produce stock that will fit in with your program. We offer Wood Cross, Pure Woods and ¾ Plains breeding stock. We welcome visitors at any time to come check out our bison, our handling facilities, and our pastures. For more info go to


Pelley Bison is an extension of High Country Bison of Rocky Mountain House AB, which has been producing bison for 23years. In this time we have grown into family owned and operated ranches that takes pride in raising quality animals. Pelley Bison started as a cow, calf operation and has now grown into a facility that also finishes bulls and heifers. Therefore we have a vested interest in making sure our breeding animals produce calves that are healthy and strong with excellent growth rates. Not only to we hold our animals to high standards, but ourselves as well. Quality of life for the animals is extremely important to us and we make sure they have the best care from new calves to finished feeders.

Our breeding herds consistently produce rapid growing calves which wean at uniformly strong weights and the animals we have provided for your consideration are a reflection of this program. This breeding stock comes from quality animals that will give you size, health and also important, longevity.


Prairieland Bison is located near Hodgeville, SK and is owned and operated by Cole & Shelby Haubrich and their two sons Davis & Cohen. We run a a Cow/Calf operation that consists of pure Wood & Wood Cross Bison. We also have a feedlot business with BCD Feeding Company and finish around 500 head per year. Each year we keep our Top Quality females for replacement Heifers and buy Top Quality Bulls to improve our breeding genetics. In 2019 Prairieland Bison was awarded Premier Breeder at the Canadian National Show & Sale. We would like to thank all the buyers who purchased our animals over the years. If you're in the area we would be more than happy to give you a tour of our farm


Roaming K Bison was started in 2000 as a division of Kitzul Farms Ltd, located South west of Foam Lake. It is owned and operated by Dale, Laurie, and Keegan Kitzul.

Prior to 2000, we were only grain farmers. Dale knew he had to diversify into another venture. “We have to much waste land that isn’t farmable”, Dale would say. We currently grain farm 4000 acres, and have over 850 head as we start to finish all our stock.

Our 4 breeding herds consist of 225 cow/calf pairs and 40 bred heifers that we rotate into the program as needed, or sell as breeding stock. We put great time in sourcing and breeding our stock, as we focus on fast finishers with high quality carcasses to meet the growing demand of bison meat. Our herd sires come from Shale Creek Bison, Silver Creek Bison, Bison Spirit Ranch, XY Bison, and our own breeding program.

If it’s breeding stock, meat or grain, everything on our farm is raised with passion and sold with pride. We’re proud to be a Saskatchewan farm and ranch family!


Shale creek bison ranch is located just outside of Russell, MB and is owned and operated by Jamie & Debbie and our 2 daughters Danielle & Tara. Our herd is 80% breeding stock, which is selected from show & sales across Canada. We have been very successful at many show & sales and are very proud of what we have accomplished. The largest honour yet for our ranch has been chosen as the Bill Lenton award winner at the 2017 MBA convention. We welcome anyone to come & visit our ranch so we can show you our animals.



Viking Bison Ranch Inc (Gary & Leslie Christianson) has been active in the bison industry for over 22 years. The ranch has built up a reputation for having the very best pure Wood breeding bulls in the business. Presently the ranch operates two pure Wood herds and one Cross Genetic herd. One of the 2018 bulls offered on this sale is from the single sire Wood Bison group.

Pure Wood bison bulls fit in very favorably with many operations putting extra length and growth to the calves they sire. At Viking Bison Ranch we always have high end breeding stock available from each specific group. Our philosophy is never feed the animals with heavy feed. All weaned calves are on grass only until the following summer. Only oats are fed in the operation.

We believe in eliminating stress for the animals wherever possible. Video sales are a perfect fit for the health and well being of the animals and we are excited to be part of the 2020 Canadian National Bison Sale.



Wolverine Bison was founded in 1994 by partners Jane & Cec Stumborg and Denise & Mark Silzer and is located in central Saskatchewan near Humboldt.. The current herd originated from a Plains Bison genetic base that was imported from the USA in 1982. The original group provided a strong foundation from which to build the herd. The herd continues to be built on exclusive Plains Bison genetics and is part of the Conservation Herd Registry in Canada and the United States.

Meticulous record keeping, attention to detail along with a discerning selection process has developed into an award winning herd. Replacement animals finding their way into the herd are selected for performance with particular attention given to length, width and muscling.

Wolverine Bison has won numerous awards for their stock over the past 25 years. In addition to the individual awards, the company has also received the Producer of the Year Award at the National Show in Canada as well as the Gold Trophy Show & Sale in Denver. Aside from the greatest testament to the quality of the animals comes from standing purchase orders for stock and a repeat customer base that continues to add Wolverine Bison genetics to their breeding programs.

Whether being used to complement and strengthen Plains Bison genetics in an existing herd or making a strong contribution in a Wood/Plains Cross program, Wolverine Bison stock has something to offer.


XY Bison Ranch (a 4 generation ranch) purchased our first bison heifer calves 31 years ago, from Merv Staggs' closely selected herd. Throughout the years XY Bison Ranch has had tremendous success in the show ring winning a multitude of Grand and Reserve Grand Champions across Canada (including the Canadian National Show & Sale).

Our goal is to produce fertile bison with high yielding carcasses and superior breeding stock.

Our bison are raised as naturally as possible on the Peace River hills grazing on milk vetch in the summer and alfalfa/brome hay for winter feed plus oats for finishing animals.