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Marketers' Panel

Roger Provencher - Canadian Prairie Bison

I have been with Canadian Prairie Bison since 2003 as the Marketing Manager.

In my role with Canadian Prairie Bison, I market bison for our producer based cooperative, such as live animals, meat cuts, or added value products like Bison Pemmican and Jerky and Bison Burgers.

I was born and raised on a farm near Canwood, SK., and I continue to reside in the same rural community.

I enjoy hunting and fishing and spending time outdoors.

Kelly Long - CEO & Owner, Noble Premium Bison

In 2004, agricultural entrepreneur Kelly Long introduced Canadian bison to an eager yet untapped European market. Fast forward to today where she now leads Noble Premium Bison, one of the largest bison production companies in North America.

Noble Premium Bison’s mission is to supply Canadian grass-raised bison products to retail and foodservice industries in Canada and Europe so that more consumers can discover bison meat as a nutrient-rich and delicious protein source. And it’s catching on. In 2020, sales of bison meat in Canada alone increased 197 per cent.

Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge in the vertical integration of raising, producing and exporting premium bison meat. As CEO and owner of Noble Premium Bison, she believes in raising the bar in all aspects of the business. Kelly is one of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs and continues to be at the forefront of the bison industry to advance consumer transparency, species sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Consumers and customers want a dining experience that is unique and memorable. They want red meat choices that are sweet and tender, low in fat and rich in taste. Noble Premium Bison provides that. We are built on integrity. It’s part of our brand, our promise, and its our commitment to you.

Bob Dineen - Rocky Mountain Natural Meats

Bob founded Rocky Mountain Natural Meats in 1986 and remains as president. Rocky Mountain Natural Meats was the first bison meat packer/distributor to establish a quality grade for bison carcasses. Originally focusing on the Colorado Front Range, Rocky Mountain Natural Meats has grown to become the nation’s largest bison processor and distributor, marketing over 25,000 bison per year. Rocky Mountain owns and operates 2 plants in Colorado – a 62,000 sq. ft. pro- cessing plant in Henderson, CO - constructed in 2007 and a 31,000 sq. ft. harvest facility – Brush Meat Processors in Brush CO - built in 2013. Clients include Whole Foods, Costco, and Ted’s Montana Grill. Rocky Mountain Natural Meats distributes premium quality, fresh bison nation- wide including a full line of fresh, case-ready bison to retail,all marketed under the Great Range Bison brand.

Bob’s previous experience includes managing a 250 head bison cow/calf operation 1983 - 1986, serving as sale chairman for the National Bison Association’s Gold Trophy Bison Show and Sale

1987 – 1995. Bob became the first bison superintendent for the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver in 1996, a position he con- tinues to hold. He has served on the board of both the National Bison Association and the Colorado Bison Association were he also served as president from 1999 through 2001.

Bob has a BS in Agriculture/Animal Science from West Virginia University and resides in Ft. Lupton, Colorado with his wife Laurie.

Al Samuelson - VP Sales, North American Bison LLC

I manage all aspects of telling the great story about North American Bison LLC across the U.S. This focuses on sales to distributors, brokers, restaurants and retailers as well as marketing, direct to consumer and new product development.

Being part of the Executive Leadership Team means managing profitability, targeting new accounts, new ways to go to market and building (and selling to) the annual budget.

North American Bison LLC is a family-rancher owned bison processing plant in North Dakota. Our ranchers own land in the northern Midwest and Canada. All ranchers sign “ethical codes of conduct” for the treatment of the bison, and we treat the animals with great respect at our plant.

Before joining North American Bison, I worked for some of the world’s largest cpg businesses overseeing sales and sales teams throughout the U.S.

A common thread to the places I’ve worked at is they all make great products, and all are concerned about being good stewards of the land they oversee and the people they employ.