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Canadian Bison Association Humboldt Bronco's / STARS Fundraiser

The last of the CBA Quillows- SOLD!

White CBA logo Coffee Tumbler: 1- $30.00 ea.

Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison Cookbook: 9 copies- $35.00 ea.

Bison Delights Cookbook: 19 Copies-$35.00 ea.

Portraits of the Bison: 13 copies- $50.00 ea.

A Field Guide to Plains Bision (Mini): 1 copy- $35.00 ea.

The Last of the Buffalo: 4 copies- $75.00 ea.

Bison No Trespassing Sign- SOLD

3 pairs of LG Cotton Grey SBA logo Gloves- $30.00

CBA & SBA logo hats- $35.00 ea.

Beige CBA Dress Shirt- XL SOLD

CBA Logo Black Vest: Med-2 $70.00 each

Black CBA Sweatshirt: LG-1, XL-3, 2XL-2 $50.00 ea.

Green CBA Logo Sweatshirt: 2XL- 1, 3XL-1 $50.00 ea.

Green CBA Logo Bunnyhug: 3XL $50.00

Black CBA Logo Bunnyhug: LG-1, XL-1, 2XL-3 $50.00 ea.

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