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December 7, 2020 - Regina Saskatchewan – The Canadian Bison Association National Breeding Stock Sale

The Canadian Bison Association National Breeding Stock Sale was a great success with gross sales of $243,750.00 on 43 head consigned by 16 consignors.

The high selling breeding bull consigned by Justin and Shaelyn Dorey of Irish Creek Bison from Vermilion, Alberta sold for $13,250.00 to North Star Bison in Wisconsin. The average on seven 2018 bulls was $8,421.00.

The high selling 2019 breeding bull was consigned by the Mark Silzer and Cec Stumborg of the Wolverine Bison Company of Humboldt, Saskatchewan sold to Scott and Jared Cowie of Mankota, Saskatchewan. Sixteen 2019 bulls averaged $6,775.00.

The high selling pen of 2018 bred heifers was consigned by the Haubrich family of Prairieland Bison from Hodgeville, Saskatchewan and sold for $5,600.00 each to the Moran family of Shale Creek Bison, Russell, Manitoba.

The high selling 2019 pen of three replacement heifers was consigned by Amanda Schwitzer and sold for $2,800.00 each to the Johnson Family of Westbrook Farms from Elkhorn, Manitoba. The average on six replacement heifers was $2,650.00.

Show sale chair Keegan Kitzul indicated the sale exceeded expectation. He indicated that “there is clearly strong demand for top quality genetics.” I was pleased to see that of the 43 animals, eight sold to the United States which indicates strong international demand for Canadian genetics.

The sale was managed by the Jack Auction Group.

For More Information Contact: Keegan Kitzul Sale Committee Chair Ph: (306) 269-7345

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