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Elk Island National Park expecting over 150 bison calves this spring

Written by Cody Janzen

Photo courtesy of Elk Island National Park.

This spring there will be more additions to the 536 plains bison and 333 wood bison already roaming around the park.

"We don't know for sure how many calves are going to be born but we generally expect a 20 per cent increase," said Catharine Brazeau, communications officer at EINP.

With an increase of those measures, EINP would see around 65 new wood bison and 105 plains bison.

"They're born at about 40-70 pounds, which is pretty tiny compared to [what] they can get up to (2000 pounds)," added Brazeau.

Although the calves are small and cute, the park is still reminding people to watch their distance.

Visitors are encouraged to stay at least 100 metres away, even when in a vehicle.

Young bison are red and will become more active as the weather gets warmer.

A bison tail is a good indicator of distress. If the tail is raised that means the bison is alarmed and could charge.

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