Food Banks Canada Purchases $560,000 Worth Of Bison Product

From the Canadian Bison Industry to Food Banks Canada a Big Thank You for your support through the purchase of some $560,000 worth of bison food products. This purchase was made through private donor support.

The consequences of COVID-19 have created additional challenges for vulnerable populations and have created surplus food products in some sectors of Canadian food production. Food Banks Canada’s purchase has reduced the amount of bison in storage while providing people in need with one more of many quality products made available by food banks across Canada. “This initiative by Food Banks Canada demonstrates that there are many ways we can work together in times of need” stated Les Kroeger. President of the Canadian Bison Association.

“Now more than ever building partnerships to help sustain our communities is essential.” shared Tania Little, Chief Development and partnerships Officer, Food Banks Canada. “Food Banks Canada is thrilled to build a new partnership with Bison producers to purchase available surplus and get it into the hands of our neighbours in need.”