About Bison

Bison History

The bison species is North America’s largest land animal that dominated the North American continent from the time of the ice age until the coming of the Europeans to this continent. Some believe that the early bison and man followed the land bridge connecting Asia and North America some 10,000 years ago. The saber-toothed tigers and the woolly mammoth couldn't successfully adapt to a warming climate, but bison found the grassy plains very accommodating.

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Present Trends

Bison Industry Continues to Evolve! The 2016 census reported 119,314 bison on 975 Canadian farms and ranches. This reflects an annual compounded growth rate of almost 5.0% since the bison census was first taken in 1996 when 42,235 bison were reported on 745 farms.

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Raising Bison

The following questions and answers may be of interest if you have ever considered making bison a part of your farm or ranch business. A Bison Producer's Handbook is available and contains a wealth of detailed production information.

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Bison Products

The bison provided food, shelter; clothing, tools and other supplies for the American Indian tribes. The tribes used absolutely every part of the bison. Here are some examples of bison parts and their uses.

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We answer some common questions about the Bison species. Have a question not mentioned? Just reach out to us!

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