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Canadian Bison Association Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Canadian Bison Association

Mentorship Program!

The Canadian Bison Association Mentorship Program (CBAMP) provides industry-specific training and interest-specific mentorship to assist the bison industry into the future. Young bison enthusiasts between the ages of 18 and 35 have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and participate in many events and meetings pertaining to the bison industry both at home and on a global scale.

Our Vision

To contribute to the sustainability of the Canadian bison industry by developing well-rounded, skillful, and knowledgeable young industry leaders

Our Mission

To build the leadership skills of young bison producers through a mentoring program that facilitates networking, organizational leadership skill development as well as acquiring industry knowledge.

Our Values

Program participants are expected to conduct themselves with the highest of standards.

Confidentiality – Through the program you may be entrusted with personal or private

information that can only be disclosed when authorized or legally mandated.

Respect – Having a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Integrity – The quality of being honest and morally grounded.

Trust – Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Initiative – The ability to act independently with a fresh approach.

Accountability – Expected to justify actions or decisions.

The Program

Each year mentors and mentees apply to participate in the CBA Mentorship Program. The online application process opens in June and the deadline for eligible candidates to apply is August 15th. The final mentor and mentee are to be announced in conjunction with the National Show & Sale Awards. Topics of interest can range from sustainable ranching to risk management, herd health, policy development research, genetic diversification, regenerative agriculture, and more. The five-year goal is to have at least one mentee identified in each region.

Once candidates are matched with their respective mentors, the mentor/mentee journey begins. A meeting of both the mentor and mentee should occur after the selection but could be within 30 days of the announcement to confirm the goals of both the mentee and mentor. The mentees are given an annual budget of up to $3,000 for transportation and registration costs for their participation in activities, including conventions. During the first meeting, the mentor and mentee will establish a schedule for goal achievement and establish a budget to complete the tasks.

Through attendance at industry events and activities and meetings with their mentors, the mentees will build upon their knowledge base and become highly capable individuals to represent and lead the bison industry into the future. The program benefits the mentee by exposing a young person to many elements of the bison industry and provides a great educational experience for both the mentee and mentor. The experience is expected to motivate the young leader to become active in a bison operation or some other business that supports the bison industry. The completion of the Canadian Bison Association Mentorship Program takes one year.

Program Governance

Committee Members include: Steven Lunty, Merek Wigness, Dr. Gerald Parsons, and Robert Johnson. Carl Flis, Executive Director and Project Manager Joyce DuBois.

Program Management

Executive Director – Carl Flis

Project Coordinator – Joyce DuBois

First Year

The program will begin with two candidates.

Program Duration

One year

Mentee Application Process

Utilizing forms developed and deadlines identified.

Opens June 15th and Closes August 15.

Selection Process

A selection matrix will be used to identify candidates. Included in the matrix could be factors with different weightings such as:

a. Primary Producer

b. Education

c. Experience

d. Clarity of Goals

e. Strength of application

Program Specifics:


1. Public speaking - make a presentation at the National and /or Regional Convention on their business plans and goals at the beginning of program or what they achieved at the end of the program

2. Participate in a board governance activity

List of potential optional activities:

1. Pasture Management/Regenerative Agriculture

2. Business Planning/management

3. Bison Herd Health

4. Understanding Bison and Their Management

5. Bison Handling/Low stress Handling/Transportation

6. Sustainable Ranching

7. Regenerative Agriculture

8. Pasture Management

9. Bison Herd Health

10. Bison Nutrition

11. Bison Genetics

12. Risk Management

13. Bison Conservation

14. Bison Marketing

15. Social Media

16. Policy Development

17. Other

Reporting Requirements

The mentee would provide quarterly reports to the CBA office assessing progress against objectives. In addition, the work with the mentor would be summarized as well as any changes in plans.

Continual Feedback and Communications is Important

Conference calls between Mentors

Conference calls between Mentees

Conference call with CBA office

Program Funding

Mentees will be allocated up to $3,000 each to cover expenses required to execute their plan.

Complete Program and Application Forms: Click here