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Myrt Lenton Memorial Award

The Myrt Lenton Memorial Award was established to recognize members of the Canadian Bison Association who have "unselfishly given their time, tireless effort to promote quality participation, the generous sharing of personal talents to maintain and give purpose to the membership."

The annual award consists of a bronze sculpture of a bison cow with her new born calf. Each recipient is presented the award and is able to keep the sculpture for a year. A significant engraved gift is also given to the recipient.

Any CBA member can nominate a fellow deserving member by submitting information to the Canadian Bison Association national office by September 15th, 2023.

Download the fillable pdf Myrt Lenton Award - Nomination Form.

Please forward the completed form to info(at)canadianbison.ca.

CBA Myrt Lenton Memorial Award Recipients

1995 - Gervais Bisson, Quebec
1996 - Dr. Bill and Mary Belch, Ontario
1997 - Don and Paulette Scott, Saskatchewan
1998 - Norm and Lorraine Moore, Alberta
1999 - Del and Cam Hensel, Colorado
2001 - John and Joanne Dorey, Alberta
2002 - Clay and Jean Curry, Alberta
2003 - Bill and Faye Bouffioux, British Columbia
2004 - Jim Quick, Saskatchewan
2005 - Mel Matthews, British Columbia
2006 - Pierre Belanger, Ontario
2007 - Gary, Caroline and Brad Fakeley, Alberta
2008 - Lorne and Louise Miller, Manitoba
2009 - Ray and Audrey Blais, Saskatchewan
2010 - Rod Potter, Ontario
2011 - Len and Beverly Ross, Alberta
2012 - Terry Kremeniuk, Saskatchewan
2013 - Mark and Denise Silzer, Saskatchewan
2014 - Bernard and Isobel Vere, British Columbia
2015 - Thomas Ackerman (Posthumously), Alberta
2016 - Dr. Murray Woodbury, Saskatchewan
2017 - Marvin and Francis Moore, Alberta
2018 - Dr. Gerald Parsons, Oklahoma
2019 - Armin and Rita Meuller , Alberta
2020 - Jean-Luc Chouinard (Posthumously), Quebec
2021 - Bruce and Shirley Mills, Ontario
2022 - Roger Provencher, Saskatchewan