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Production & Financial Performance

The Canadian bison industry is a relatively new industry. It does not have the benefit of information that has been developed in more mature sectors. To overcome this deficiency, the bison industry initiated a cost-of-production and production performance data collection program for bison operations involving cow/calf, backgrounders, and feedlot enterprises. In addition to the producer support, the provinces of Saskatchewan provided financial support.

The objective of this data collection program was to establish financial and production benchmarks against which producers could measure their performance. The program began in 2011 and has generated information that is very valuable for new entrants, producers, financial institutions, researchers and policy makers.

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Cost-of-Production Calculators

Evaluating the Impact of Changes to Your Bison Management Program

Like other sectors, changes in the bison industry are constant. The cost of animals, the cost of feed and pasture, the prices you receive and the number of animals you have under your management are always changing.

To evaluate the impact of changes to your business are evaluated relative to benchmark information. Two cost-of-production calculators have been developed – cow-calf operation and a bison finishing operation. The benchmark information utilized in the calculators will be updated annually with information provided for operations of less than 100 head and more than 100 head.

As you use these tools please provide your feedback so that they can be improved.

Bison Cow-Calf Forecaster Tool
Bison Finisher Forecaster Tool

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