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BC Bison Association: News & Events

B.C. ranch finds bison transition a challenge

​CECIL LAKE, B.C. — Introducing bison to the ranch has so far been a challenging endeavour for Leanne and Clifford Wiebe.

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BC's Bison Story

Bison originated in Asia and spread into North America via the Bering land bridge at least 300,000 years ago. Often wrongly called buffalo, the bison is British Columbia’s largest land animal, and one of the rarest.

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Update on BC Slaughter Industry (Select Standing Committee on Agriculture, Fish and Food)

Bernie and Isobel Vere along with President Conrad Schiebel attended this Standing Committee consultation on June 13/18 in Kamloops.This committee of MLA’s was traveling the province gathering comments from various meat production entities in an effort to properly assess the current slaughter capabilities in the province.

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Update of Game re-designation for Bison

The BCBA has been lobbying the BC government for close to 30 years to have bison designated as livestock to match other provinces and states.We had been the only province to have bison referred to as “game” however Quebec has recently changed its designation of bison to become game after having been considered livestock. This occurred in 2018 in response to issues with other exotic species.

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