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BC Bison Association: Update on BC Slaughter Industry (Select Standing Committee on Agriculture, Fish and Food)

Bernie and Isobel Vere along with President Conrad Schiebel attended this Standing Committee consultation on June 13/18 in Kamloops.This committee of MLA’s was traveling the province gathering comments from various meat production entities in an effort to properly assess the current slaughter capabilities in the province. Conrad gave testimony on behalf of the BCBA. A common theme was the lack of close slaughter facilities and the difficulty accessing the ones that are currently operational. Small producers are the worst hit as the larger volume producers seem to be taking precedence. There is definitely a lack of Federal Inspection facilities as well. A big concern was the long haul distances required to move animals to slaughter.Many asked for on farm slaughter to be reconsidered.Comments on the recent release of the report have been less than enthusiastic as a definitive action plan to improve the situation has not be addressed.