Ontario Bison Association

Cape Chin Bison

Richard Allan - President

RR # 6 Perth ON K7H 3C8

P: 613.326.0573
E: rcallan(at)battleriverbison.ca

Rebecca Mills - Secretary/Treasurer

3278 Confederation Line, Wyoming, ON N0N 1T0

P: 519.801.8046
E: blanbrook.lambton(at)gmail.com

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Ontario Bison Association Board of Directors

Richard Allan
Battle River Bison Company
Perth, Ontario
P: 613-326-0573
E: rcallan(at)battleriverbison.com

Brian Arnold
Vice President
Thunder Ridge Bison Company
Uxbridge, Ontario
P: 905-391-8655

Mike Jaksic
Grey Highlands Bison
Feversham, Ontario
P: 519-922-1489
E: mikejaksic(at)bellnet.ca

Rebecca Mills
Blanbrook Bison Farm
Wyoming, Ontario
P: 519-801-8046
E: blanbrook.lambton(at)gmail.com

Bruce Mills
CBA Director
Blanbrook Bison Farm
St. Mary's, Ontario
P: 519-229-6316
E: blanbrookbison(at)quadro.net

Todd Dowd
Cape Chin Bison
Lion's Head, Ontario
P: 519-592-5010
E: capechinbison(at)amtelecom.net

Charles Belange
Bison du Nord
Earlton, Ontario

Mark & Heather Shouldice
Big Rock Bison
Shallow Lake, Ontario
P: 519-374-3390
E: mark(at)buff.ca

Why choose Bison in Ontario?

Testimonial from Bison du Nord

Testimonial from Olde Drive Blueberry Farm

Testimonial from Battle River Bison

Testimonial from Big Rock Bison

Testimonial from 5K Bison Boar Ranch

Testimonial from Thunder Ridge Bison

Testimonial from Blanbrook Bison Farm

Bison Events in Ontario

Bison Bruschetta Tour- July 7 & 21, August 25, and September 1, 2018

Join us on this farm to table tour as we sample Bison Bruschetta and visit the farms and processors where the ingredients are sourced.

Tour Highlights:
-bison wagon ride at Bison Du Nord
-cheese, cheese, cheese at Thornloe Cheese
-vegetable production at Pleasure Farms
-bison bruschetta tasting at Café Meteor Bistro

For more information on the tour, click Here

To purchase tickets for one of the tours, click Here

Ontario Bison Association AGM and Conference:

When: Saturday, September 15, 2019

Where: Blanbrook Bison Farm, farm of Bruce and Shirley Mills

More details and registration information to follow