Saskatchewan Bison Association

Les Kroeger - President

Box 178
Hanley SK S0G 2E0

P: 306.544.2869
E: leskro(at)

SBA Office

Box 31 Regina SK S4P 2Z5

P: 306.585.6304
F: 306.522.4768
E: sba001(at)

News and Events

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About the SBA

The Saskatchewan Bison Association (SBA) was established on July 27, 1991 to promote the bison industry and to represent the interests of bison producers. The SBA works with the Canadian Bison Association (CBA) and other regional bison associations on a number of issues including livestock traceability, animal health, the bison registry, bison research, producer profitability, marketing, international trade and farm food safety..

In Saskatchewan there were 303 farmers and ranchers who produce bison according to the 2016 census. Of these producers about 200 are members of the Saskatchewan Bison Association.

Canadian Bison Bull Draft

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SBA Board Governance

The SBA is governance structure is provided through the Bylaws of the Saskatchewan Bison Association Bylaws. For a copy of the bylaws go to Bylaws

The association is managed by a 9 member board of directors. Administrative services are provided through a contract with the Canadian Bison Association located in Regina Saskatchewan. Current Board members are: Board members

Les Kroeger- President
Rosedale Bison
Box 178, Hanley, SK S0G 2E0
P: 306-544-2869
E: leskro(at)


Avery Shepherd - Vice President
Sunset Bison
Box 342, Livelong SK S0M 2J0
E: averygs(at)


Mark Silzer- Past President
Wolverine Bison
Box 2773, Humboldt SK S0K 2A0
P: 306-682-4933
E: marksilzer(at)


Brett Kot

Black Diamond Ranch

Box 1177, Weyburn SK S4H 2L5

Phone 1-306-861-1526

Email: BrettKot(at)


Jim Lowes

Buffalowes Farm

Box 67, Holbein SK S0J 1G0

Phone: 1-306-747-3713

Email: buffalowes(at)


Keegan Kitzul

Roaming K Bison

Box 635 Foam Lake, SK S0A 1A0

Phone: 306-269-7345

Email: keegan.kitzul(at)


Dean Andres

Prairie Land & Bison Co.

Box 278, Windthorst SK S0G 5G0

Phone: 306-736-3454

Email: dean(at)


Merek Wigness

Wigness Bison

802-14th Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0P8

Phone: 1-306-261-1292

Email: merekwigness(at)


Cole Flath

Sand Ridge Ranch

Box 430 Dinsmore, SK S0L 0T0

Phone: 306-827-2125

Email: cjflath(at)



Any individual, partnership, or corporations constituted under federal or provincial charter that owns bison are eligible for Active Membership Active membership includes voting privileges. There are membership packages for Associate Members, Friends of the Industry and Students. For more information on memberships go to: (Link to application for or shopping cart)

Membership benefits include:

  • SBA Membership
  • CBA Membership
  • Reduced pricing on RFID tags
  • Reduced pricing on Marketing Materials
  • Weekly updates on bison prices
  • Weekly E-Newsletter
  • Subscription to Smoke Signals (published 3 times/year)
  • Industry meetings held in different locations in the province during the winter plus a summer field day
  • Representation on various provincial agriculture boards
  • A voice on provincial and national agriculture, producer and industry concerns
  • Marketing at the provincial, national and international level
  • Networking opportunities at a provincial level (SBA Industry Meetings Canadian Bison Bull Draft) and at the national level (National Convention and National Show & Sale).

Become an member and remember there is strength in numbers when your executive is making representations on behalf of the bison industry.

Our Plan

The Saskatchewan Bison Association Board of Directors developed a strategic plan in June of 2017.

A Vision for the Saskatchewan Bison Association

Our vision reflects the preferred future state for the Saskatchewan Bison Association. The vision inspires people to work collectively towards achieving that future and creating outcomes that members and others can support.

To make a difference for our members and the bison industry.

The Mission of the Saskatchewan Bison Association

The Mission Statement defines the organization’s purpose and primary objective. The Mission informs the key measures of the organization’s long-term objectives and the ends it works towards.

The mission of the Saskatchewan Bison Association is to facilitate opportunities for the Saskatchewan bison industry to grow and prosper.

The Values of the Saskatchewan Bison Association

The Saskatchewan Bison Association is committed to the following fundamental guiding principles. The principles or values guide our organization’s behaviours, decision-making processes, actions and the programs and services we provide.

  • Leadership: we are responsible for providing strong leadership and will do our best to be informed and have the knowledge to achieve results for our members.
  • Positive: we strive to always be positive and look to find possible solutions and effective ways of doing business.
  • Trust: we are confident that others will do as they say they will and trust that will contribute to a positive outcome or future.
  • Respect: we respect our organization and it members and we respect each other as individuals.
  • Accountable: We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Integrity: we are open, honest, responsible and transparent in all of interactions and in a manner consistent with our values and beliefs.

For the complete plan click Here

Our Annual Report

The Saskatchewan Bison Association fiscal year ends on December 31st of each year. In addition to the financial performance of the SBA, the annual report outlines the accomplishments of the past year. For the complete copy of the annual report, click Here

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