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Strategic Plan

Saskatchewan Bison Association

Strategic Plan

July 2020

The Saskatchewan bison industry has experienced substantial growth. According to census data, over the 20-year period from May 1996 to May 2016 the bison industry has grown from 7,006 to 40,418 bison respectively. Also the Saskatchewan bison industry has grown from 15.5% to 33.9% of the national herd. The census also shows that compared to the 2011 data, Saskatchewan is the only province that recorded an increase in bison numbers.

Bison produced in Saskatchewan is marketed locally, exported to the United States and Europe to meet the ever growing demands for this nutrient-dense, tasty product that is raised without growth promotants or antibiotics added to the feed.

Bison are processed in Saskatchewan for the local markets and in Alberta and the United States for international markets.

The Saskatchewan Bison Association

The Saskatchewan Bison Association (SBA) was established on July 27, 1991 to promote the bison industry and to represent the interests of bison producers. The association is managed by a nine-member board of directors. Administrative services are provided through a contract with the Canadian Bison Association located in Regina Saskatchewan.

In Saskatchewan there were 303 farmers and ranchers who produce bison according to the 2016 census. Of these producers about 200 are members of the Saskatchewan Bison Association.

A Vision for the Saskatchewan Bison Association

Our vision reflects the preferred future state for the Saskatchewan Bison Association.The vision inspires people to work collectively towards achieving that future and creating outcomes that members and others can support.

To make a difference for our members and the bison industry.

The Mission of the Saskatchewan Bison Association

The Mission Statement defines the organization’s purpose and primary objective.The Mission informs the key measures of the organization’s long-term objectives and the ends it works towards.

The mission of the Saskatchewan Bison Association is to facilitate opportunities for the Saskatchewan bison industry to grow and prosper.

The Values of the Saskatchewan Bison Association

The Saskatchewan Bison Association is committed to the following fundamental guiding principles.The principles or values guide our organization’s behaviours, decision-making processes, actions and the programs and services we provide.

  • Leadership: we are responsible for providing strong leadership and will do our best to be informed and have the knowledge to achieve results for our members.
  • Positive: we strive to always be positive and look to find possible solutions and effective ways of doing business.
  • Trust:we are confident that others will do as they say they will and trust that will contribute to a positive outcome or future.
  • Respect: we respect our organization and it members and we respect each other as individuals.
  • Accountable: We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Integrity: we are open, honest, responsible and transparent in all of interactions and in a manner consistent with our values and beliefs.

Strategic Priorities for the Saskatchewan Bison Association

Five interrelated, mutually supportive strategic priorities are at the heart of the Saskatchewan Bison Association’s strategic plan.These strategic priorities are as follows:

  • Board and Association Development
  • Increased Visibility and Awareness
  • Resource Development
  • Voice for the Industry
  • Programs and Services for Members

Strategic Priority: Board and Association Development

Strategic Actions:

  • develop a Board Orientation Manual
  • develop a plan for the recruitment, training and retention of volunteers
  • review Association Bylaws every five years and revise as necessary
  • develop a plan to strengthen member engagement
  • develop a plan for Board development and training
  • create an annual Board work plan

Strategic Priority: Increased Visibility and Awareness

Strategic Actions:

  • continue to develop and deliver producer sessions
    • print materials
    • industry information
    • Bison Advantage
    • promotional items
    • create content for SBA page on the website and for the electronic newsletter
    • develop and distribute up to date marketing materials

Strategic Priority: Resource Development

Strategic Actions:

  • continue with the benchmarking program
  • develop partnerships with like-minded organizations to minimize costs for programs
  • develop Bison 101 and Bison 102 and a plan for delivery to reinforce sustainability and profitability
  • identify and apply for provincial funding programs as appropriate
  • develop a plan to increase consumer awareness on the benefits of bison

Strategic Priority: Voice for the Industry

Strategic Actions:

  • continue to maintain partnerships with other agricultural organizations
  • actively promote Association and industry accomplishments and achievements
  • actively participate in government sponsored events
  • develop a plan for community visibility

Strategic Priority: Programs and Services for Members

Strategic Actions:

  • provide regular updates and pricing information through newsletter
  • develop a process to provide more support to producers regarding regulated services
  • develop a Research Committee to identify priorities for research in collaboration with the CBA
  • survey producers to identify needs for information