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Conference & AGM


31st Annual Saskatchewan Bison Association Convention March 25th& 26th

Gallagher Centre Yorkton Saskatchewan Home Inn & Suites 306-782-7829

Thursday, March 24: Animals arrive Friday, March 25

1:00 Registration

1:30 Welcome (Avery Shepherd)

2:00 Meat sale regulations - Chris Smith (Ministry of Agriculture), Kelsie Dale (Ministry of Health)

2:30 Whit Hibbard, Stockmanship Journal - an introduction to low stress bison handling

3:30 Wrap up, view animals and people vote on the top bull 5:00 Cocktails

5:30 Supper

7:00 Awards followed by the founding member panel (past, present, and future, open forum)

8:00 Fun auction Social until midnight

Saturday, March 26 9:30 Sign in for AGM

10:00 AGM and show and sale meeting

11:00 Sponsors have the opportunity to speak to delegates 12:00 Lunch

1:00 Chris Beaudry, “Do I Know What I Know? A Discussion on Mental Health” 2:00 Producer panel on genetics and carcass quality (Paul Kolesar, Robert

Johnson, Nolan Miller)

3:00 Closing remarks

3:30 View animals

5:00 Cocktails

6:00 Supper

8:00 Sale

Social to follow until midnight