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Elk Island National Park honours its main attraction

Written by Aubrianna Snow

Bison are protective of their young during the spring and summer months.

The event on Saturday (June 2) focused on educating visitors about the bison, as well as their history, habits and cultural significance to Indigenous peoples.

Vendors and food trucks were also featured, along with a performance by Indigenous dancers.

"It's a day that we can celebrate the work we've done with bison," said Vinton Lovell, equipment operator at Elk Island National Park. "It's exciting to be able to showcase some of our assets."

This year's event took place earlier than last year's mid-August date.

"We thought it's a great time for people to see the new calves. We have lots of little reds," added Lovell. "We call them that because they're a diffferent colour from the mothers."

The park reminds visitors to keep a distance from the bison to ensure safety.

Other events at the closest national park this summer include: Canada Day festivities (July 1), Parks Day Celebration (July 21) and Milky Way Days (Sept.2).

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