Research and Publications

Through research conducted by industry specialist, the following reports have been established. All reports below are in PDF format.

Bison Research

Bison Marketing and Economics

Bison Nutrition, Health & Production

  1. What To Look For In A Breeding Bull (October 2015)
  2. Preventing Clostridial Disease in Bison (February 2015)
  3. How to Select a Veterinarian for Your Bisons' Care (August 2013)
  4. Summer is the Time to Keep an Eye Out for Water Deprivation (August 2013)
  5. Transporting Animals During Hot and Humid Weather English Version French Version (June 2013)
  6. Nutrition: Feeding Your Bison - Cut Out the Fat...BEFORE It's Even On! (May 2013)
  7. Forced to Graze Early? Some Options for Stemming the Losses (May 2013)
  8. Bison Pasture Management (2011)
  9. Tropical Parasite Found in Northern Bison Herds (2011)
  10. The Importance of a Forage Feed Analysis
  11. Selecting the Right Heifers (2011)
  12. Malignant Catarrhal Fever

13.Coping with Poor Quality Forages (2010)

14.New Scoop on Poop in Bison

  1. Grass Finishing Bison (2009)
  2. Feeding Systems (2009)
  3. Copper Balance in Bison - Are Your Bison Getting Enough? (2006)
  4. Science and Nutrition: New Ideas in Bison Nutrition (2006)
  5. Feeding Bison Cows (2005)
  6. Beef Cattle Rules of Thumb: Does it Apply to Bison? (2005)
  7. Bison Behavioral Management and Handling Facility Design (2005)
  8. Fencing guidelines for Bison on Alberta Public Land

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