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How Can I Celebrate National Bison Week?

The opportunities to celebrate National Bison Week are endless and limited only by the creativity of Canadians.
Here are some activities you could consider:

  1. Visit one of the many Canadian National Parks that have bison including Elk Island, Grasslands, Prince Albert, Riding Mountain, Waterton Lakes, Banff, and Wood Buffalo.
  2. Visit provincial and regional parks, and events hosted by non-government organizations such as the Nature Conservancy educating the public about the role bison plays in conservation and enhancing biodiversity.
  3. Visit events at First Nation and Metis communities and learn about the importance of bison to their history – providing food, shelter and clothing as well as being part of their spirituality and culture.
  4. Watch for events hosted by bison producers. Many host events and tours on their farms to give consumers and bison enthusiasts the opportunity to better understand bison production and how these iconic animals contribute to sustainable production.
  5. Check with libraries as summer programs often host programs for adults and children. The importance of bison could be part of their program.
  6. Check with museums and art galleries as they often highlight the role of bison and First Nation Communities in the history of Canada.
  7. Visit the museums like Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Blackfoot Crossing, the Wainwright Bison Museum, and Wanuskewin Heritage Park.
  8. Take the time to enjoy the rich taste of bison at a restaurant or on your grill.

A few of the many places to visit:

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International Bison Convention 2022

Jun 15, 2022
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What is National Bison Week?

National Bison Week was created by bison enthusiasts to celebrate the significance of bison as an integral part of Canadian history. All Canadians are encouraged to learn about bison, their history, and the important role they played in the cultural, spiritual, and economic aspects of our nation.

National Bison Week will be an annual celebration in Canada that will begin on the second Sunday in July commencing in 2022. It gives Canadians from coast to coast to coast the opportunity, in their own way, to celebrate and recognize this iconic animal that is such an important part of North American history.

Millions of bison roamed the plains of North America and were driven to near extinction by the late 1800’s. Through the dedication of ranchers, First Nation leaders, conservationists, governments and other bison enthusiasts, the North American herd has been restored to almost 500,000 head. Almost 200,000 head are on Canadian ranches, First Nation Communities, federal and provincial parks, and non-government organization properties supporting bison recovery.

The goals of National Bison Week are:

  • To celebrate annually the significance of the bison to the fabric of Canada for Indigenous Peoples, producers, conservationists, policy makers, consumers, and educators.
  • To educate Canadians on the importance of the bison for conservation, biodiversity, and the spiritual life of Indigenous Peoples.
  • To highlight conservation work and celebrate the success of bison producers, conservationists, and enthusiasts in growing the bison population.

The story of bison is woven into the fabric of our nation. Through National Bison Week we can continue to tell the story of our ties to this amazing animal for years to come. We invite everyone to take part in celebrating National Bison Week.

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