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About the CBA

The Canadian Bison Association is responsible for providing guidance on a number of issues including: marketing, animal health, research, animal identification, government liaison, trade, traceability, the bison registry, conservation and other developmental initiatives.

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Membership Benefits

As your industry association since 1985, the CBA has effectively represented the industry's interest to federal an provincial governments, the media and the public. Your CBA membership provides you representation at the highest levels and connects you to essential information, programs and services that provide an advantage in the marketplace.

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Join the CBA

Joining the Canadian Bison association is easy! There are four membership categories.

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Our Partners

See who is involved and supporting in your bison industry.

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The Constitution

The Canadian Bison Association is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act. The Canadian Bison Association (CBA) Constitution outlines the objectives of the CBA, its membership, and how the organization is to be governed to achieve its objectives.

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CBA Staff

The Canadian Bison Association is governed by up to 2 representatives appointed by each regional association for a maximum total of 16 directors. The head office is in Regina and is operated by the CBA Executive Director, Office Administrator, and contract professionals as required.

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