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BC Bison Association: About the British Columbia Bison Association

Board of Directors:

Conrad Schiebel - President

Turtle Valley Bison Ranch

Phone: 587-336-3537

Email: conschiebel(at)gmail.com

Steven Boyd - Vice President

Stedfast Bison Ranch

Phone: 250-255-5020

Email: stedfastbison(at)gmail.com

Isobel Vere, Treasurer

Pentangle V Ranch

Phone: 250-315-8010

Email: pentanglev(at)gmail.com
Sharif Fahmy, CBA Representative

Tatanka Plains Bison

Phone: 604-417-7484

Email: Bison(at)tatankaplains.ca

Bernard Vere

Pentangle V Ranch

Phone: 250-315-8010

Email: pentanglev(at)gmail.com

Bill Bouffioux

XY Bison

Phone: 250-262-1932

Email: xybison(at)pris.ca

Cyndy Donally

XY Bison


Email: stedfast.ranch(at)gmail.com

Chris Kayat

Big Valley Bison

Phone: 604-833-4844

E-mail: chris(at)dlc.ca

Tyrol Forfar

Spring Hill Bison


E-mail: tyrol.forfar(at)gmail.com

About BCBA


To promote and sustain a prosperous bison industry with related products in British Columbia.


To promote and encourage a bison industry that is economically and environmentally sustainable at both the producer and processor levels that is fueled by consumer acceptance and demand in Canada and abroad.


Strategic plan currently being reviewed and will be posted soon.


Welcome to the British Columbia Bison Association (BCBA), a place where you can find information on Bison in BC. Our Membership covers the Province from Vancouver Island to the BC Peace and all points in between.

With as many different types and sizes of operations as there is terrain, BC provides ideal conditions for raising these highly adaptable animals. Ranching models include backgrounding and finishing for meat and cow/calf operations with many doing a combination of both. There is common sentiment in the bison industry across BC and North America towards growing the bison population as we have played a key role in the conservation efforts that has brought bison back from the brink of extirpation.
Bison producers have a common pledge to raise our bison as naturally as possible. The things we have in common are that none of our members use any sort of growth hormones or stimulants; none knowingly feed animal by-products, and we all have the greatest respect for the animals we raise and spend many hours watching and learning from them.

Join Your BC Bison Association, Membership Includes

-membership in Canadian Bison Association (CBA)

-opportunities to attend conferences for continuing education in agricultural practices

-CBA rewards program

-reduced pricing on RFID tags and merchandise

-subscription to Smoke Signals Magazine

-frequent updates on bison meat pricing and supplies

-access to BC Bison Web Site for information and advertising

-voice on BC Ag concerns

-$250 per year plus GST