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Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship Award

Liliane Kot devoted her life to her family, her faith and her great passion for the bison industry. She was a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. The bison industry lost Liliane on November 5, 2007. In memory of her wonderful life, husband Bernie Kot and their children and grandchildren of K1 Bison Ranch developed the Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship.

Each year the scholarship of $500 was awarded to a selected individual. An engraved gift was given to the recipient. In addition a perpetual award was presented to the recipient, and is on display at the Canadian Bison Association office.

Criteria for the scholarship included:

• Applicant or their families must have been active members in the Canadian Bison Association and their respective Regional Association.

• Actively involved in some sector of the bison industry

• Applicants must have attended or been accepted into post secondary education or training. This may have included, but was not limited to college, university or a trade program.

Areas given the highest priority in the selection process were:

Involvement in the Canadian Bison Association/bison industry

Involvement and commitment to your community and/or church

Involvement in volunteering

Involvement and dedication to school

Involvement in sports

Employment experience

Career goals

Selection Committee

The recipients of the scholarship were chosen by a selection committee.

Scholarship winners to date include:

2009 – Heather Van Haren Alberta

2010 – Brooke Korte Saskatchewan

2011 – Cali Lewis Alberta

2012 - Shauna Griller Saskatchewan

2013 – Gina Van Haren Alberta

2014 – Taisha Tenaschuck, Saskatchewan

2015 – Jessica Boos, Alberta

2016 – Danielle Moran Manitoba & Colton Lewis Alberta

Two scholarships were awarded as funds were received from an anonymous donor

2017 - Amber McNish

2018 - Heidi Sommerfeld

2019 - Kendall Junek, Saskatchewan